Molly’s senior photo shoot had a rainy start. We were keeping an eye on the forecast and were pretty sure it would be done before we were finished at our first location, which was covered. If we were right, that meant we were going to be able to capture some very rare lighting conditions! We were also up against a narrow window for Fall colors and the leaves were likely to be gone soon after the storms passed. So, even though it was pouring during Molly’s hair and makeup session, and still raining once we got on location, the excitement was high!

Our first stop was at the abandoned Cotton Belt building in St. Louis. Molly wanted some urban grunge and graffiti for part of her session and this spot always delivers! Shielded from the rain, she was free to show off her dance moves for her session trailer. We also took advantage of the opportunity to shoot through the rain for a few fun photos. Then, right on cue, the rain stopped and the amazing light began!

We headed out from the Cotton Belt toward Market Street but found a couple of really fun locations on the way that we decided to stop at instead. One of which afforded us a steamy street with puddles for reflection shots, the Eads Bridge in the background, and even a train rolling by! The timing and weather were perfect for this rare photo op!

We decided to skip the downtown portion and head straight out to the Art Museum in Forest Park.

The. Leaves. Were. PERFECT!

The walkways were glowing red with Fall colors, and the sunset was just starting to pop out from the clouds and really set fire to the treetops! We spent a good portion of time shooting on the walkways under the trees and also grabbed a few shots on the stairs of the museum. We might have even had Molly climb up in one of the big arch windows on the front of the building (thanks for not kicking us out, security dude!)

Then, with the light finally fading, we decided to wrap up the location portion and head back to the studio for a few last shots for each of her sports. She showed off her basketball, soccer, and tennis uniforms, and we shot for a sweet soccer action composite! Check out her video and photos below!