What a crazy session! After Emma's hair and makeup at the Sizzor Shak in Collinsville, we hopped the river to start her shoot at the landing where we had scouted some great spots the day before. The only problem was, the day of her shoot also turned out to be a big festival at the landing. Crowds and the lack of parking sent us on our way to Plan B - Wash Ave. by the City Museum. 

We got some beautiful shots down the the street, finding some cool spots that included a big green doorway and a reflective window we could use. After a few minutes out there, we headed on to the main attraction - the City Museum. If you haven't been there, this place is packed with all sorts of quirky opportunities for one-of-a-kind images. A couple of our favorites are the glass bottle wall and big pipe organ room where we were able to make some epicness happen! And we didn't have to miss out on sunset either, since they have an open rooftop we could shoot on! Despite the crowds, we had an awesome time and got a variety of amazing images.

Oh, we also spent a little time shooting a quick video trailer of her session too, which you can watch below :)