Isabella's parents wanted to surprise her on her birthday will the full Stellar Session model experience, so we got to work planning out all the awesome details!

After her hair and makeup was finished at Philip Johnson Salon, she arrived on location. Because she had a gorgeous yellow formal dress that we wanted to photograph in sort of a Beauty And The Beast inspired way, we started at the St. Louis Public Library, which was the perfect location for just this kind of concept! 

Our next locations were a little up in the air, with the rainy weather not cooperating. To be safe, we headed over to The Muny in Forest Park for some beautiful photos protected from the elements. Her bright red, heart shaped umbrella was an amazing touch and a fun bit of contrast to some of the greens in the background! 

As the rain started to let up, we decided to brave the outdoors for the final part of her shoot which meant the most to her. As a tribute to her brother, who she had tragically lost, she wanted to release some blue (his favorite color) balloons into the sky. So, after photographing her with the balloons, and with the drone ready to capture it from the sky, she released the balloons and watched as they floated away. 

The only image left to capture was one final epic image. Isabella loves to dance, and we wanted to capture that in a beautiful and epic way. So, she climbed up onto the fountains, struck a pose, the flashes popped, and with a little post production magic, her final image was complete :)

Check out her short session video and finished images below!