1.) What’s Your Passion?

The best concept images are always designed around showing off your most epic self. Generally, your hobbies and passions are going to be the fuel for the concept. If you’re a dancer, lets create something awesome with powder effects, flowing ribbon, or water. Play a sport? We’ll bust out the dramatic athlete lighting and bring in the fog and stormy effects. Just get a sweet new ride? How about an epic driving image? Even something as simple as reading a book can look amazing when paired with the right lighting, effects, and location. Speaking of which…

2.) Epic Locations

When it comes to locations, we want the scene to make sense. If you’re a football player, lets get you out on your school field. You might not think of a high school football field as epic, but once we’ve added the right lighting and effects, peoples’ minds get blown. Big city backdrops start looking super epic when we mix in the right combination of pose and props. And the same goes for wide open fields with dramatic clouds and a spectacular sunset. So think about the types of places that make what you love to do look even cooler.

3.) Lighting

It takes more than a cool idea and location to bring an image to live. We bring in the dramatic lighting to really make these portraits pop. This is just another component of our complete model experience.  The right lighting can turn any location into pure epicness right in camera. Your skin tones, outfit, hair, and makeup should all look amazing and pop off the background in amazing detail. While “natural light” has its place in portraiture, lighting gear is the only way to achieve an epic concept image. 

4.) Refined Art

But the back of the camera isn’t everything. What you see there is only half the finished product. So be patient! We'll be taking that image back, pouring a lot of hard work into the image in Photoshop, and crafting a truly spectacular art piece for you!

5.) Big Prints

When you have artwork created for you, show it off! When you go to an art gallery, you want to purchase the most beautiful piece at the biggest size that makes sense for you home. The same is true when you have photographic artwork created for you! Many times you may be smaller in the frame of a truly epic, large scale image. You’ll want to have a professional print made at a size that makes sense so people can really get close and take in the entire image. 

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