Ava's senior photo session came with a healthy dose of adventure and ended up with some incredible images! After starting out with an amazing hair and makeup job at Kristen's Hair Studio, we hopped over to the Nazarene Community Theater to capture some images related to Ava's love of singing. I even found a vintage microphone to use as the perfect prop! Once we had some great shots of her on stage, we headed out to grab a few quick industrial/grunge shots in front of the refineries in the mid-day sun. 

The next spot is one of my favorites. We found some open caves, and it's here that we spent the bulk of our time. With a variety of natural light, as well as great opportunities for some dramatic lighting with our flashes, we were able to come up with a lot of different looks - from standard portraits to dramatic art pieces. Ava was a great sport, even as we had to trudge through some mud (I had her bring old shoes to get muddy) to the best spots. And it all paid off with some truly amazing photos!

As our daylight started to fade, we headed out to the Alton bridge for a few more shots. The sky began to turn an amazing shade of purple and orange that was reflected by the water, and the bridge created a beautiful silhouette in our backdrop. We even found some old boat docks that were perfectly lined up for our last few snaps as the sun was finally setting. And kudos to Ava for overcoming her fear of the wobbly dock and striking some cool and confident poses!

Check out her finished images below!