The world of high school senior photography is always changing and evolving. Here are a few tips to help you look your best on your session!

1.) Professional Hair And Makeup

Who doesn’t love that perfect model look? The most important element of achieving it is having a professional do your hair and makeup. While you may be used to doing your own work for your everyday style, professionals are trained in what looks best for the camera. A few subtle changes can really elevate your look and take your images to a whole new level. That’s why two of our three senior session packages include professional hair and makeup. It can mean the difference between “a nice picture” and an image worthy of a magazine spread. 

2.) Bring Props And Accessories

You may only change your outfit two or three times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change your style with each outfit. Sunglasses, hats, jackets, scarves, jewelry, and other accessories are quick additions that can add a lot of variety to your poses with minimal time and effort. It’s also a great way to express yourself! Same goes for props. Have a car you love? What about a hobby or sport? Maybe you just love coffee. Bringing personal props with you is a great way to set yourself apart from what everyone else is doing.

3.) Match Your Style With Your Locations

If you’re wanting that chic urban look, you’re probably not going to wear flannel and cowboy boots to the city. Similarly, if country rustic is your thing, you might not want to wear your formal attire to the barn. Think about the image and style you’re wanting to convey, and communicate that with your photographer. They should have a variety of locations in mind that can suit each style. But mix it up! If you want to sport a suit and strut down the busy city streets, consider also changing into something more rugged and heading to where the graffiti is for that urban grunge look. And never forget, color harmony is your friend!

4.) Move!

Static poses can look great, but natural poses are going to look real. Unless your photographer is specifically controlling your movement for a certain look, feel free to mix things up. Try looking at the camera for a few snaps, then away for a few. Run a hand through your hair, pop a hip, cross your arms, laugh, then be serious. Be goofy and have fun with it! You can’t break the camera, and any “bad” poses will simply be deleted. And your photographer should be able to give you a few pointers to fine tune your poses.

5.) Mix Epic With Classic

Senior photography used to be little more than smiling in front of a backdrop. If you were real crazy, you might mean mug the camera while leaning against a brick wall. While a lot of photographers still operate that way, you should seek out someone who is capable of crafting real photographic artwork as well as capturing the fun and simpler images. It’s going to be those crazy epic images that are going to set your session apart from everyone else’s, and give you images that literally no one has ever had before. 

6.) Book Video

Thanks to the world of social media, video is hotter than ever before. Why should your senior session be limited to photos? We offer fun and funky 15-30 second senior trailers that are perfect for social media outlets like Instagram. Nothing tells a story and shows off your personality better than your own professionally filmed and edited movie trailer!