About Us!

We are untraditional and unconventional! Photography and filmmaking have been around for awhile, but that doesn't mean it always has to be done the same way. We push the limits of our craft to bring our clients an unforgettable experience and unmistakable artwork. From our epic senior shoots, to the fun and funky Crafted Sessions, to high energy wedding films, or impactful commercial work, we bring a level of pure Grade-A awesome that can't be matched!


The beard behind the brand. Garon found a passion for storytelling and began his career in filmmaking in 2010. He soon blended his cinematic style and techniques into photography to create a bold and dramatic new style. Being both photo and cinema minded allows him to see the world differently than other artists, and bring clients a fun and unique experience while simultaneously creating beautiful artwork. 

Being bearded allows him to fell a redwood with a single Chuck Norris roundhouse kick.


Sara is the master of all things communication. She's the proverbial "ray of sunshine" to everyone she meets. Her fun, outgoing, and spunky personality - not to mention her obsession with coffee - sets the pace and tone for every day. An artist herself, with a pen or paint brush, she provides a critical third perspective to every piece of artwork that leaves the studio.

And if you want to get on her good side instantly, ask her what her favorite dinosaur is. She's kind of obsessed. RAWR!



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Kami is uber creative, funky, and super fun. Her love of drawing lead her into the world of photography in high school, and more recently into cinematography. She brings her unique vision to every shoot, and loves working on awesome new concepts for clients. When it comes to thinking outside the box and creating the type of image no one has seen before, she's the master. 

She also won't say she's Wonder Woman, but we've never seen them in the same room together at the same time. 

Find Us!

We have a fully equipped photography studio location in Troy, IL. Schedule a time to stop in and discover what we can create for you!