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About Garon

I love crafting images with major "WOW" factor. When I have a conversation with a client about what they're into, my wheels immediately start turning on how to turn their passions into images that have never been done before. Every new photoshoot is an opportunity to create something brand new for a client that they'll get to show off and cherish for years to come. That's what drives me, as an artist, to always do the next best thing on every. single. shoot. I've never been one to follow the pack. So while other photographers are busy trying to capitalize on the latest trend, I'm busy offering a unique experience and finished product that can't be replicated or matched.


Be Formal

We want to capture a variety of your favorite looks, and your favorite formal style is a great option to add in. Guys: wear a suit. Ladies: wear a nice formal dress. Whether you have something from prom you'd like awesome photos in, or you want to pick up a stunning new option just for the shoot, you can't go wrong by getting fancy for a few shots.


Be Casual

We also want to capture your best "normal self". What's your favorite outfit and style when you're out with friends? This is a great opportunity to just be you! Let the camera capture you in your element, and show off how awesome you look every day!

Be Epic

Somewhere beyond formal and casual outfits are things you can do just for the sheer awesome factor of it! Giant parachute dresses, long flowing fabrics, and oversized tutus are some of the epic options to consider. Adding motion to the materials, or choosing an incredible location to accentuate the look, can lead to one-of-a-kind images that will leave your friends' jaws on the floor! 


By adding additional layers like jackets, scarves, and hats we're able to quickly change up looks on the go. Same goes for accessories like jewelry and sunglasses. Small stylish accents can go a long way! And by adding in props unique to your interests such as a coffee mug, favorite book, instrument, or a new car, you'll be able to add a small bit of flare to your images that is unique to you!


Rural Locations

Fancy yourself a "country girl"? Or just love nature and the outdoors? Let's find locations that portray your love of being outside! From old barns, to open fields, to flowers, to wooded areas - there's literally no limit to what we can come up with!

Urban Locations

Skyscrapers and city streets more your thing? Perfect! In St. Louis we have some amazing areas that are great for that big city feel. We have everything from the sophisticated look of tall glass buildings, to the grunge look of graffiti, industry, and urban decay. Epic opportunities abound!



That's right! Senior destination shoots are a thing! There are some wonderful locations around our St. Louis area, but if you want something truly exotic that literally NO ONE in your class will have (think deserts, mountains, beaches, forests, cliffs, monuments, etc), then let's get out of town. The best part, aside from the most epic senior photos in school, is that it may not cost you anything extra! Send us a message at the bottom of the page if you want to learn more about how these work.


Static poses can look great, but natural poses are going to look real. Unless we're specifically controlling your movement for a certain look, feel free to mix things up. Try looking at the camera for a few snaps, then away for a few. Run a hand through your hair, pop a hip, cross your arms, laugh, then be serious. Be goofy and have fun with it! You can’t break the camera, and any “bad” poses will simply be deleted. And we'll be able to give you a few pointers to fine tune your poses


Include Your Sports

You've spent a long time honing your prowess in your favorite sports and activities. Let's show them off! Bring your uniform, let's find a location that works for it, and make you look like a superstar! Every sport, whether it be basketball, hockey, football, golf, cheerleading, dance, baseball, softball, wrestling, track, etc. can look amazing with our special lighting and editing added!


Professional Hair and Makeup

Who doesn’t love that perfect model look? The most important element of achieving it is having a professional do your hair and makeup. While you may be used to doing your own work for your everyday style, professionals are trained in what looks best for the camera. A few subtle changes can really elevate your look and take your images to a whole new level. That’s why two of our three senior session packages include professional hair and makeup. It can mean the difference between “a nice picture” and an image worthy of a magazine spread.

Have Fun!

This is an amazing time in your life! You're about to finish a major chapter in your life - high school! Go all out. Be crazy. Have fun. The best part about our senior photoshoots is there are no rules! We want you to have an amazing experience. So just be you, and have a blast! These are images you'll always have to look back on, and you'll remember what a great time you had creating them :)

Want to see what our senior sessions look like? Check out the video below!


We have a variety of sessions available that can include anything from professional hair and makeup to short highlight videos of the shoot for social media. Our print product menu covers a wide range of fine wall-art, handcrafted albums, mounted gift prints, and more!

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